Change the profile picture of your Scorecast Business account

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To personalize your account, you can update your profile photo. You can add a photo from your computer or phone, or use an avatar provided by Scorecast Business. This is possible from the website or from the Android and iOS mobile applications.


From your platform's website, you can change your profile image from the moment you log on.

  1. Access your profile. To do so, click on the robot image in the top right-hand corner of the screen from a computer, or from the additional menu on a smartphone, and then click on the robot image at the bottom.

    Click on the image to access his Scorecast Business profile

  2. Go to the My account tab.

    Image showing how to customize your Scorecast Business profile from the website

    • Then, if you wish to place an image present on your computer or smartphone, click on Upload a photo. Once you've clicked, a window will appear to search for the image you want on your device.
    • Then, if you wish to use an image proposed by Scorecast Business, click on Choose an avatar then go to the desired folder. Once you've made your choice, click on the image to validate it. 
  3. Once you've chosen your image (whether it's a suggested image or one from your camera), click Save to save.

    Image for the Save button

Mobile application

From the Scorecast Business mobile application, you can change your profile picture from the moment you log on.

  1. Click on your profile picture to access your profile.
  2. Then go to Settings, then Customize your profile, and finally click on your current profile image.

    Click on the profile picture to personalize your Scorecast Business profile

  3. You have several choices:
    select an image from your gallerychoose an image from among those on your device
    choose a video from your gallerychoose a video from among those on your device
    using an emojichoose an emoji - which will animate! - as well as a background photo or even a background color gradient
    choose a Scorecast avatarScorecast Business offers several characters and jerseys to choose from
    delete your profile picturedelete your image to return to the default image
  4. Make your choice from the list. As soon as the image is selected, it's automatically saved.

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