Customize the colors of my website and my space on mobile applications

Modified on: 02/14/2024 at 10:44

It is possible to customize the colors of your Scorecast Business platform website as well as the display of your space on Scorecast Business mobile applications. 

To customize the colors, you need to be logged in with your administrator account on your Scorecast Business website. 

  1. Click on Administrate and go to the Theme tab.
  2. Then go to the Colors tab.
  3. To change a color, click on the small color square. You can choose a color from the small window that appears, or enter your code directly in hexadecimal.
  4. Once you've modified the colors, click on Save.

Four colors can be modified:

Primary color
This color represents your main color, and will be used for the platform's main elements.
Background colorThis color will be used for all plain backgrounds in the mobile application.

Navigation bar

Color of the navigation bar on the website.
Text color

This color will be used for all text on the mobile application.

Note that if you change a color (except the background color, as it only affects the mobile application), you can see the interface evolve in line with your changes. This serves as a preview. Don't forget to save once you've achieved the right result.

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